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Medical/Nurse Malpractice

Everything from generating detailed summaries of a case to serving as an expert witness when appropriate, we offer a comprehensive list of services.

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Worker's Compensation

Providing management of client cases for workers compensation, pharmaceutical reviews for worker’s compensation, and many more services.

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Personal Injury

Screening of medical cases to identify non-meritorious cases, analyzing medical records, developing reports and demonstrative evidence to strengthen cases, and more.

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Analyzing forensic and criminal abuse cases, providing Independent Medical Exams (IME), identifying and locating experts to strengthen a case and more.

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Helping Law firms save time and money investigating client cases

Jan Ginapp of Ginapp & Associates has been helping her clients for many years save time and money investigating their client cases. She has broad experience reviewing medical and nursing malpractice, personal injury, criminal cases, and many other case issues.

Jan has an extensive background with over 30 years of medical care experience. She is a Registered Nurse and a Certified Forensic Nurse and Legal Nurse Consultant 

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